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Reversing my PCOS & Curing my Infertility

Ciara Lee

This is going to be kinda long so bare with me! I know so many women struggling with infertility due to so many things, wether it be PCOS or something else. I was one of those women, but through education, determination, and most of all patience I was able to reverse my PCOS and cure my infertility. Since doing this for myself, I have become beyond passionate about the topic and I want to help women going through similar experiences. I know every person/body is different, but I am positive this story can change someones life and help them do the same for themselves, wether it be reversing PCOS or getting that baby they've been trying so hard for. This is my story.

After 4 years of unanswered question from medical professionals(OBGYN, Midwives, and even Fertility Specialist) about why I wasn't getting my period and I wasn't getting pregnant after the first two(this is a story for another time I only have 1 child and I am currently pregnant) times had been so easy to get pregnant, I decided to take matters into my own hands! Firstly I bought the book “8 steps to reverse your PCOS” to learn more about it because my doctors were no help at all to me. I highly recommend this book if you're struggling with PCOS! I was prescribed so many things that were supposed to help that didn’t (Provera to induce a period and birth control to regulate a cycle) I had been struggling to get pregnant for 3 years after the birth of my first daughter and maybe only had light spotting one or two times throughout the entire 4 years between my two pregnancies(My first daughter and my pregnancy now), never a full period. I was very hesitant to take the birth control, because birth control has so may negative side effects, and I was so confused as to why they[the OBGYN] would put me on birth control when I was trying to get pregnant. They[the OBGYN] told me this was to take after the Provera had induced a period to try and regulate a period and after 3 months if my period had come for the 3 months they would have me stop the birth control and try to conceive naturally. I took the provera, all this did was what my body was already doing, it induced light spotting for 2 days, again, not a full period. I decided at this point I was going to take matters into my own hands because I didn't believe in birth control and I was afraid it would cause more harm to my body than good.

I had to completely educate myself on the subjects of PCOS and infertility in order to help myself. I started off by making the switch in my diet, I went completely vegan and after a month on a vegan diet I had my first full period in years, I was ecstatic! I had finally done it, I cured myself, veganism is the way of life, everyone needs to go vegan it will solve all your problems! Oh how naive I was. These are the thoughts I was having, but of course this wasn't true, it couldn't be that easy and theres no quick fix to anything. Although I finally had a period I wasn’t ovulating, so I knew I had to take it a few steps further. Now I'm not saying you have to go vegan, but it did help me tremendously and I do suggest a transition while trying to conceive or even just get your hormones in balance when dealing with PCOS. I did more research and even was seen by a fertility specialist who told me my chances of getting pregnant without IVF were slim to none. At this time a water ultrasound was performed to make sure I didn't have any tubal blockage, I didn't. The doctor did find a cyst on one of my ovaries though, which I had removed along with a Leep procedure to clear out possible cancerous cells. Hearing a specialist tell me my chances of getting pregnant without a $20,000 procedure completely crushed me. Although we could pay for the surgery I wouldn't say it was something we could necessarily afford. If we paid for this procedure we would be at square one, completely drained and in a terrible position financially. I knew it was a bad idea, but at the time I was so blinded by wanting to have a baby I couldn't think straight. Thankfully I have a very clear minded husband that always can get my head back on my shoulders. My husband didn’t let me give up my mission to help myself. The way my husband was raised, he doesn’t believe in IVF and feels as if that is someone trying to play God (we have different opinions on this subject, but that is besides the point) and said we’ve done this[get pregnant] before we can do it again, so I continued researching.

Once I finished reading 8 steps to reverse your PCOS I felt like I could do anything! I was able to determine what phenotype I was which helped me to better understand what type of PCOS I had, which made helping myself that much easier. There are 4 different phenotypes and each one has different symptoms and dealing with them all require different things. For me, I am phenotype D, so I have normal androgens(meaning I don’t have significant acne or hair growth on my chin, upper lip, stomach, upper thighs, upper arms, or back),irregular periods/delayed ovulation, and polycystic ovaries. Even after going vegan and getting my period that first month the next month it didn’t come back, so I came to the conclusion my hormones were imbalanced causing an irregular cycle and no ovulation. I started taking Myo-inositol, D-Chiro-Inositol, Vitamin D, and NAC to deal with my hormone issue(these are similar to metformin). I did this for about two months and personally I didn’t notice much of anything happening with this method and my period didn’t come back. I moved on to accepting the fact that I was about 30 pounds overweight and weight is a major factor in dealing with PCOS, Insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalances, so I started a weight loss journey. I went from 186 pounds to 150 pounds and felt amazing. I was sure this was it, this was going to be what finally put my body back on track. Although it helped there was still more work I needed to do.

Back to the drawing board, veganism and weight loss didn't do the trick. I just kept thinking to myself "what next? what else can I do, what can I try? I really want this so I know I can't give up". I decided it was time to try some holistic healing and herbal medicine. Now I know many people don't believe in these things, and trust me I was a nonbeliever at one point myself, until it worked for me. I did research on what herbs helped with each symptom I was dealing with and what they did. After many hours of research and some skepticism I finally decided to give it a try, what could it hurt, right?

I tried something called a yoni cleanse. This is a vaginal detox cleanse that rids the vagina of toxins. Being that I hadn't had a period in 3+ years, I knew there was definitely some things hiding in there, considering I hadn't shed my uterine lining in years. I figured there was probably a lot of built up dead skin hiding in there which could be causing tubal blockage. Now with this cleanse you have to leave 3 dime sized "pearls" filled with herbs inside the vagina for 72 hours. Let me tell you how scared I was to leave something inside of me longer than 2 hours. The only thing that came to my mind was "I'm definitely going to get Toxic Shock syndrome, how is this even safe?!" but I had to try, after all I wanted this baby and nothing else was working. I started my cleanse and felt nothing on day one, day two I started feeling some cramping and I started to get a nervous so I took them out just for a safety precaution. When I took the pearls out I was shocked, to say the least, at what came out with it! So much uterine lining, dead skin, and I'm pretty sure a cyst came out as well! Later that evening I started spotting and the next morning I woke up and I finally had a period. A heavy flow that lasted a full seven days, I was beyond happy! I began tracking my ovulation to see if there was any changes going on in that department. To my surprise I finally ovulated for the first time since giving birth to my daughter! 

Now I didn't want to lose this, I wanted this to be a regular thing. This period needed to come back! A friend of mine, also dealing with PCOS and infertility recommended that I try Conception prenatal vitamins, because they help regulate the cycle and balance hormones. The best part about these vitamins were they were completely natural ingredients which I loved because I decided on a holistic, herbal approach. As a part of my holistic healing I had to remove stressors from my life. One of them being constantly stressing over not being able to get pregnant. My husband an I decided we wouldn't force it, and we would let it happen when it happened, because if it was meant to be it would happen. Lifting that weight off my shoulders was the best thing I ever did. Stress can really mess with the hormones and make becoming pregnant even harder than it already is when dealing with PCOS and infertility. At first, this was a very hard concept for me to grasp, how could I stop stressing about wanting to become pregnant when that was the only thing I really wanted? I had to let go and just believe and having the support of my husband truly helped me. 

The next month I was supposed to get my period on the 12th, it never came. At this point, since I stopped stressing about getting pregnant, I was just like ok back to square one because now I’m back to not getting my period again. I needed to find out what other steps I could take to regulate my period. My husband on the other hand had a feeling. The day after I was supposed to get my period, my husband had brought up the question "what if you didn't get your period because you're pregnant this time?" We had one pregnancy test left in the house and my husband was like just take it and see what happens, I of course had been through this many times before and was like well this is a waste, but okay. I took the test and just as I suspected there was only one line. We sat there just looking at each other, both slightly disappointed. Our mistake was we didn't wait the full three minutes like the directions say to because with our first daughter it just showed up. My husband went to throw the test away and looked confused. He just stared at me, and then handed me the test. It was positive, clear as day! 

Now I've had false positive test before so I didn’t believe. I took 7 more test over the course of a week even went to the OB and still didn’t believe it. It took up until I started showing and feeing baby move that it finally set in I was having a baby. I couldn’t believe I had done this all without the help of doctors. I completely reversed my PCOS and my infertility after SPECIALIST told me I couldn’t. Just goes to show the healing power of natural herbs and holistic healing. Now all of these things I was doing I did over the course of a year and I made sure to space out my different theories by a month to be sure I knew what exactly helped me. The Yoni Pearl cleanse was the only method I tried that induced a period AND made me ovulate. I went from a skeptic to a firm believer in herbal medicine after that. Now I'm not saying my methods will work for every single woman out there, but we all try everything doctors recommend without giving it a thought, but sometimes doctors don’t always know best and we have to take our health into our own hands. Women aren't listened to in the medical industry and we are always told were fine.

This entire experience of mine was the motivation to start my natural feminine care line, so I can help women just like me, help themselves the same way I was able to! My passion to help other women going through similar experiences, because I know how much it effected me not being able to have kids for those 3 years, hasn't stopped burning and I am determined to help as many women as I possibly can with my story and my products. All of the products I used to help myself can be purchased on our site under the Feminine Care Collection.

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  • I have been going through this for so long. I get a period only when the doctors prescribe me pills. I’m going through infertility now because I’m 24 years old and will be 25 on June 3rd . I want to have at least one child before i turn 30. It’s just so hard when I don’t get a period. The birth controls of depo and pills messed me up badly. I just hope the doctors know what they are doing cause now I have to get two surgery’s. My hormones are unbalanced, my cervix isn’t shaped like how it should be and cyst are covering my ovaries so I can’t get a period or get pregnant.


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